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Sati was established in 2015 with the purpose of assisting in human, professional and organizational development through Training and Development programs. We are a company that is based on validated studies of psychology and management.  

Sati is a word from the Pali language, spoken 2500 years ago in the region of India. Its translation into Portuguese would be Full Consciousness - sometimes also translated as Mindfulness - and refers to the human ability to direct our consciousness to the present, with the quality of wisdom and compassion.


In other words, Sati allows us to observe reality with clarity, having discernment about what is beneficial and what is harmful about what brings happiness or can cause suffering.  

We believe that developing Sati is a skillful way to build more conscious and prosperous lives, careers, organizations and societies. 



Image: Endless knot, Buddhist symbol for interdependence. 

We understand the world as interdependent.  

This interconnected nature of the universe makes our actions have repercussions on nature, humanity, and other beings.


For us to move towards a more just and sustainable world, it is necessary to see ourselves as interdependent beings, organizations, and societies.  


Thus, social and environmental responsibility, kindness, generosity, and compassion will be seen as a natural response to the all-pervading interdependence. 

We are a multidisciplinary team composed of professionals in the fields of Management, Psychology, and Psychiatry. We have in common the conscious intention of contributing positively to the lives of people, organizations and thus society.  

Our team of consultants has solid national and international training in their areas, most of them with a doctorate level and executive practical experience.  

Rodrigo Siqueira is the Head of Sati, having extensive experience in business consulting and training and executive development. He holds a doctorate from the Institute of Psychology at UFRJ with part of his doctorate carried out at the University of California, Berkeley. He has a degree in Mindfulness for companies from the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and doctoral research focusing on mindfulness and compassion in companies.  

His doctoral thesis was about the development of conscious leadership. Its conscientious leader development program was applied and validated at Google in San Francisco, and was later adapted and applied in other organizations.  

He holds a master's degree in Business Administration from FGV and is an MBA guest professor in subjects related to Corporate Health, Mindfulness and Leadership Development at institutions such as PUC-RJ, PUC-PR and FGV.

During his time living in the San Francisco area of California, he had the opportunity to learn directly from names like Dacher Keltner – his doctoral mentor and Head of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley – as well as Norman Fischer , Dr. Rick Hanson and Dr. Daniel Siegel , world-renowned authors in their fields.


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