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Consulting & Training

Research related to
Mental Health and Well-being at Work

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We can help your organization build a healthier, more creative and productive environment.

The following surveys were prepared from scientifically validated scales, which provides robustness in measurements and reliability in the results.  

Research on Mental Health in the organization

We carry out research related to Mental Health, indicating the percentage of employees who have normal, moderate, severe and extreme levels of Stress, Anxiety and/or Depression. These data are essential for the development of programs that will benefit the health and well-being of employees.  

Research on Happiness at Work

Happiness is not the absence of sadness, just as health is not the absence of disease. We can measure the level of Happiness at Work in your organization, which will serve as a basis for recommendations and interventions that will contribute to increasing the well-being experienced by your employees.  

Research on Psychological Safety in Teams

Number 1 factor in high performance teams, a psychologically safe environment enables the free expression of opinions, innovation, stimulation of experimentation and acceptance of failures as learning opportunities. Our research on psychological safety in teams indicates the level of Psychological Safety present in work teams and serves as a basis for management recommendations and interventions with leaders to promote psychological safety. 

Research on Trust in Teams

One of the main factors that sustain and drive a team is the trust among its members and the trust placed in its leader. Following a quantitative methodology, we can measure the level of  trust among team members and in relation to the manager. This information is crucial so that we can understand what factors are strengthening or weakening trust in the team, and thus, draw up an action plan.

Consulting, Training and Development


We develop programs related to Mental Health, Leadership, and Team Development. The format and duration can be adapted according to the organization's needs. The following topics are our areas of expertise.  

About Mental Health at Work, we have programs on:  

  • Designing and conducting a Mental Health and Wellness program

  • Leadership awareness on the topic of Mental Health 

  • Management of Emotions, Self-Care, and Resilience 

  • Mindfulness for companies focused on health and emotional management


About Leadership and Team Development, we have training on:  

  • Conscious Leadership Development: Mindfulness, Compassion, and Responsibility. 

  • Mindfulness for Leaders with a Focus on Emotional Intelligence 

  • Self-knowledge and self-management for executives

  • Team Building for C-Level and Work Teams


Our programs are based on scientific publications and educational best practices. We pride ourselves on being a company whose programs are developed based on cutting-edge scientific studies using simple, practical language adapted to business reality.  

Contact us to find out how we can help your organization.

Join organizations like Google, Oi, Icatu, Firjan, Wilson&Sons, Diageo and Globosat among others. 

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